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HumeSEO Google Analytics/Analyzing Business Data

Google Analytics is one of the most prolific web site performance optimization tools on the planet. Many times business's just want to know the facts and Google Analytics provides those in detailed fashion. Web Analytics helps to see things from a visitors point of view which when running a business can be a make or break point in constant improvement of your web site. Google Analytics gives verifiable feedback.

We use visitor data to drive website improvement. KPI's or Key Performance Indicators can help establish overall search engine optimization strategy. Humeseo focus's on some of the following:

  1. Increasing Visitors
  2. Increasing Leads
  3. Conversions
  4. Improving Revenues
  5. Establishing behaviors and learning about "intent"

Examples of Google Analytics reports:


Steve has been handling our SEO work since early 2013. We are averaging over 10,100 daily visitors to our site!! He completely rewrote all of our "content" and helped us design a brand new web site that was sorely needed. We have enjoyed his always being available to help out my employees if they have any questions. Thanks again Steve!

Jeff C. Retailer of Sports Equipment
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