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Pay Per Click is known as an advertising model used to send direct traffic to your site based on keyword or keyword phrases. There are numerous types of advertising vehicles, Radio, Television, Print and so on. PPC enables businesses to target searchers with direct traffic for a fee. The searcher clicks on the ad and is taken directly to the landing page. The owner is charged a fee generally for every click. PPC tells the business owner how effective their particular campaign is doing. PPC are generally on top of the page or on the right hand side. Organic search can take a few days or weeks to move up the ladder. PPC is instant. Google's goal is the help the searcher find information. You as an advertiser want specific traffic that is searching with laser point efficiency. Google Adwords is where we start our journey. At Humeseo we use best practices when applying your search theory. We stay on top of the market to learn the ever-changing industry. Every search begins with a question. By teaming up with the business owner we will perform advanced keyword research, identify landing pages with the best chance to convert, write the ad copy and secure long-term strategies for your business.


Steve is a no-non-sense type of consultant. He brought to my medical office an efficient way to stream line our processes that has certainly helped with time management. After he ran an audit on my web site we noticed an increase in phone calls and incremental increases in revenue. He spent the time educating my staff on search engine optimization and is always ready to help out when call. We appreciate our relationship with HumeSEO.

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