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HumeSEO Social Media Marketing for Relevancy and Importance

Social Media ties Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing together. Social Media's platform is also dramatically increasing how content is shared. Research shows that people are more likely to trust others in their networks. Social Media Marketing is becoming a large factor in influencing your SEO efforts. At Humeseo we tie the two together in a powerful way.

What signals are you sending the search engines? Social media in affect creates more exposure and that can help with natural links and direct visits. Whether using Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube, all are important to your SEO efforts.

Social Media Marketing is now considered the new Word of Mouth marketing that is able to go viral. Clients are more apt to trust a referral from someone they know or trust than anyone else. Instead of calling a friend for a referral, perspective purchases are now researched on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube first and that is done in seconds instead of a longer timer period. The reliance on Social Media is an avenue to gain peer insight. Social Media Marketing can make or break your company based on how your organization handles or doesn't handle it. Knowing what is said on the Internet about your business is of extreme importance.

Social conversations are here to stay. At Humeseo we strive to make sure your business or corporation is well informed of the changes that will affect your clients decisions to consider a purchase or not.


My only regret was not hiring HumeSEO any sooner. We really didn't know about the Internet and web stuff. We thought if we had a web site our phone would ring off the hook. It didn't. With the help of Steve Hume he came in and explained in a very thorough manner how search engines really work and what they look for when ranking pages. We had worked with another SEO company but Steve was far and away the most detailed person for the job

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